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January 16, 2013

Queensland approves funding for sea walls, but at what cost?

The Queensland government has approved funding for sea walls to protect Torres Strait island communities from inundation by king tides.

(listen to the full podcast: Queensland funds Torres Strait sea walls)


The federal government says Queensland is robbing Torres Strait islanders of vital funds for sewage and fresh water projects to build sea walls.

(for more, listen here: Torres Strait ‘robbed’ with sea wall funding)

What do you think? Should MIP funding be used to build sea walls?

January 12, 2012

Federal Government backflips on promise to rebuild sea walls in the Torres Strait

In December 2011 the Federal Government back-flipped on its promise to rebuild sea walls in the Torres Strait. Minister for Regional Australia, Simon Crean, announced that the Federal Government would no longer provide the funds to rebuild dilapidated sea walls in the Torres Strait. Instead he passed the buck to the Queensland Government and the Torres Strait Island Regional Council (TSIRC). The Queensland Government has consistently ignored the issue of inundation in the Torres Strait Islands and the TSIRC does not have sufficient resources or funds to foot the bill.

The passing of the ‘Torres Strait Islands Sea Wall Bill’ with bipartisan support in August 2011 raised hopes that, after at least five years of tireless campaigning by Torres Strait Islanders, something was going to be done to address the issues of inundation and coastal erosion on the Islands.

The Government’s back-flip is callous, gutless and extremely disappointing.

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