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January 31, 2014

Poruma community calls for help

Poruma - community call for help to deal with erosion Jan 2014

King tides have yet again swept across the low-lying islands in the Torres Strait, flooding homes, roads and other infrastructure.

Poruma residents gathered at the seafront this month, calling on all levels of government to protect their island from coastal erosion and flooding. They held placards, some of which read “Help” and “What about us”, indicating a desperate cry for urgent action.

While king tides are an annual occurrence in the Torres Strait, residents are finding it harder and harder to deal with.

Federal and state government funding  for the Torres Strait Coastal Protection Works (Seawalls) Project is still pending, leaving many residents concerned about the next king tide.

March 2, 2012

Saibai’s sinking feeling on ABC The Drum

It feels like we’re documenting a part of Australia that won’t exist in 20 years.

ABC journalist Hagar Cohen traveled to Saibai island for the high tides in February to see how people are coping with climate change. She found a crumbling sea wall, evidence of the sorely needed $22 million dollars that the Federal Government promised in August and backflipped on in December.

Read the article: ‘Saibai’s sinking feeling

View the background briefing slideshow: ‘A sinking feeling in the Torres Strait

Listen to the background briefing broadcast

And if you want to see video footage from Saibai and other affected islands in the Torres Strait, don’t forget to check out our video.


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